The Types and Categories of Yachts


There are many types of yachts and each of them has different name and term associated with it. This article aims to help you with an in-depth explanation of the different types of yachts and the terms associated with each.

Definition: A Yacht is generally referred to as any kind of sea vessel utilized for recreational or for leisure activities. Such as cruising, entertainment, water sports, holidaying e.t.c

Types: the several types of yachts include sailing yacht, gulet yacht, motor, sport or luxury yachts.

Sailing yacht: This is a yacht that utilizes wind and sails as the main mode of propelling itself.
Motor yacht: This kind of yacht as the name implies is propelled by one or more motors.
Gulet yacht: This type of yacht is a hybrid as it uses both sails and motors as means of propelling itself.

Yachts can also be named by their size. There’s the Super-yacht which is usually 24 meters (78 feet) or more. Most motor yachts are smaller in size. And there’s the Mega-yacht which mostly is 80 meters (260 feet) or more. Mega-yachts are less common due to the fact they’re expensive in nature and very few people can afford their extravagant purchase and maintenance costs.

Yachts can also be categorized based on their style. The categories are further explained below.

Classic Motor Yacht: These are yachts built between 1920 and 1970. However, there are more modern yachts which are designed with the looks of classic motor yachts.
Sedan: This category of yacht has deck space above the hull with enclosed, singe-level living quarters below.
Flybridge: This is actually styled like a sedan, has an open deck and a more comfortable living qaurter above it’s main bridge.
Daybridge: This is a multi-level yacht which has more open space than a flybridge.
Downeast:  This yacht has a large cockpit and small workstation, inspired by the mid-nineteen hundreds Maine lobster boats, They can be very appealing to people who likes Maine lobster design.
Pilothouse: A multi-deck yacht like a flybridge, it has a larger interior main deck.
Sky Lounge: yachts in this category have an enclosed area at the top of the vessel that provides the benefits of the view but with several amenities, protection from the elements, expansive windows and sometimes a sunroof.
Cockpit Motor Yacht: a yacht with more cockpit space than deck space.
Sport Fishing Yacht:  This yacht is mostly used for fishing. It has a large cockpit, storage space, and the ability to handle rougher seas. They are built for longer durations out on the water.
Convertible: This yacht combines features of a standard motor yacht with a sportfish yacht. It has an entertainment space and fishing space.
SUV: a yacht that combines features of a standard motor yacht and sport yacht.
Tri-Decks: a superyacht with three levels of staggered, enclosed living space.
Expedition Yachts: this is a large yacht with a deeper displacement hull for the added advantage of more stability and comfort during long trips.