Using Google to search for Importers

Most people who are new to the import export business do not know how to begin or how to look for new customers in the international market. However, there is an age-old tool that has always been existing for decades. it is called Google search. most people do not know how to make use of Google search to get what they want. This might be because the most important settings needed to get what you want I heading deep in the search page.

In this article I am going to shed more light on how to make use of Google in a simple way that anyone and harness the full power of Google search to locate the people they are looking for. The best way to search for someone or an importer in another country is to be in the country. However, it is not easy to do this because if we take for example you want to search for importance in five different countries that will require you applying for visa and having to travel to those separate countries individually the cost will be extraordinary and might even weigh your export business down.

The next best thing is to make your device same as if you are in that country where you are searching for an importer. Let's take for instance you are searching for Importers in Singapore. You can get more accurate results when you change the IP of your phone or laptop that you are using for the search to the IP of the Singaporean country. However not sisters do not know how to do this. There is a way to change the location of a device and make Google give you results that are relevant to that country. This is called a VPN or in full terms a virtual private network.

There are lots of VPN applications on the Play store and frankly anyone could do for your purpose as far as they have IP addresses that are located in the country where you are looking for an importer. There is a VPN service that has a huge collection of IP addresses it is called ExpressVPN. After installing it you will have to change the IP of your device by opening the app expressvpn once you have opened the app you will then choose the Singapore country then after when you visit the Google and do any search Google will give you results that are located in Singapore. Now to search for Importers in Singapore.

Let's take for instance you are a farmer in West Africa and you are looking for importance of cassava in Singapore probably people or refined cassava to biodiesel or other products. You will not have to enter the following search term in Google search: "importer cassava"

After doing this the results will show up. You will not have to scroll through and open the results that looks like what you are searching for when you open it in a new page you will see the email addresses of some people who are interested in buying your products in Singapore in this situation by referring to the cassava as a product. This can only happen because Google now thinks you are in Singapore as your IP address is not showing up on Google servers as Singapore and as such Google algorithms will only give you results coming from the Singaporean country.

Also included below are all the search terms you can alternate through to ensure you get more prospective customers from the country of interest remember you can change the terms as it reflects what you are selling

" cassava buyers"
" cassava refiner"
" Importing cassava"

At this point you just have to be imaginative and change the search terms around to be able to reflect exactly what kind of people you are searching for and you are assured of getting results from the particular country you are looking for prospective importers from.